Research Projects

EDU-AI: Udvikling af uddannelsesforløb (mikro-kurser) om generativ kunstig intelligensFunded by Ministry of Higher Education and Science2024 – 2024
SAFE-CYCLING: Enhancing cycling safety analyses from naturalistic dataFunded by COWI Foundation2024 – 2024
MS-Program: Milestone Research Program @ AAUFunded by Milestone Systems2024 – 2027
AI:DK: AI DenmarkFunded by The Danish Industry Foundation2024 – 2027
SLAM: Enhancing Robustness and Adaptability in Visual-Inertial
SLAM for Diverse and Dynamic Environments
Funded by Carnegie Robotics2023 – 2026
REPAI: Responsible AI for Value CreationFunded by the Grundfos Foundation2023 – 2027
FLOW: Environmental awareness for agricultural vehicles using Scene FlowFunded by IFD2023 – 2026
AICF: AI – Color FashionFunded by IFD2023 – 2027
READY: The local R&D factory for a global circular textile industryFunded by IFD2023 – 2027
FLIP: Flexible Laser Integrated ProductionFunded by IFD2023 – 2027
Contestable AI: Contestable Artificial IntelligenceFunded by DFF2022 – 2025
SEWbot: Robotized sewing and handlingFunded by IFD InnoMission2022 – 2024
P1: Pioneer Center for AIFunded by DNRF, NNF, CF, VF, LF2021 – 2031
ReRob: Center for Rehabilitation RoboticsFunded by Louis-Hansen Foundation2021 – 2026
ReDoCO2: Reducing and Documenting CO2 emissions from PeatlandsFunded by Innovation Fund Denmark2020 – 2024

Past Projects

Jambo: Undersøgelser af havbundsforhold og bundslæbende redskabers påvirkning i JammerbugtFunded by Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark2023 – 2023
AutoFish: Automated monitoring of CodsFunded by Ministry of Environment and Food2022 – 2023
PBL-AI: Automating the assessment of final examsFunded by AAU2022
XAIfair: Explainable Artificial Intelligence and Fairness in Asylum LawFunded by Villum Synergy program2021-2023
AI:DK: AI Denmark – boosting the use of AI in SMEsFunded by The Danish Industry Foundation2021 – 2023
Network on Privacy-Aware Audio- and Video-Based Applications for Active and Assisted LivingEU-COST action CA191212020 – 2023
Estimation, Simulation, and Control for Optimal Containment of COVID-19Funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation2020 – 2020
AI in General PracticeFunded by the Danish Ministry of Health2020 – 2021
LSI-AI: Applied AI in the Health Care SectorFunded by Life Science Innovation North Denmark2020 – 2021
Reveal more details: spatiotemporal RGB-D-T super-resolution of facial imagesFunded by DFF2020 – 2022
Marine analytics using computer visionFunded by DFF2020 – 2022
Milestone research programme @AAUFunded by Milestone Systems2019 – 2023
Proactive Human-Robot InteractionFunded by AAU2019 – 2023
AI & EthicsFunded by AAU2019 – 2020
Deep Learning in Computer VisionFunded by private company2019 – 2020
Autonomous Sewer Inspection RobotFunded by Innovation Fund Denmark2018 – 2022
Machine learning for value creation in the utility sectorFunded by Innovation Fund Denmark2018 – 2021
Thermal Adaptive ArchitectureFunded by Realdania and The Obel Foundation2018 – 2021
Assistive Personal Robotics Platform with an Exoskeleton using the Tongue for Intelligent Control as a use caseFunded by Internal PhD funds2018 – 2021
Automatic Harvest Quality MonitoringFunded by Innovation Fund Denmark2018 – 2021
Digital forensics: evidence analysis via intelligent systems and practicesEU-COST action CA171242018 – 2021
Preventing drowning accidentsFunded by TrygFonden2018 – 2020
Augmented Cellular Meat ProductionFunded by Innovation Fund Denmark2017 – 2021
Architecture is a game – technology, creativity, aesthetic and mathFunded by Nordea2017 – 2020
Understanding and recognizing emotions via facial dynamics and 3D convolutional neural networksFunded by internal PostDoc funds2017 – 2020
Handling stress reactions in institutional care by adapting interaction behavior of a social robotFunded by internal PhD funds2017 – 2020
Video monitoring of outdoor sports activitiesFunded by Danish municipalities2017 – 2020
Aesthetic quality control of shiny objectsFunded by Innovation Fund Denmark2017 – 2020
Tracking of people in sportsFunded by internal PhD funds2017 – 2020
Queue estimation by vision-based re-identificationFunded by Innovation Fund Denmark2017 – 2020
Adaptive and learning algorithms for robots in the meat production industryFunded by Innovation Fund Denmark2017 – 2020
Deep Learning for Nozzle CheckingFunded by private company2019
Innovative use of Big Data: Deep learning-based image processingFunded by Den Europæiske Fond for Regionaludvikling and Region Midtjylland2018 – 2019
Computer vision-based analysis of food perceptionFunded by the Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research2018 – 2019
En platform for optisk analyse af hudstrukturFunded by Den Europæiske Fond for Regionaludvikling, LSI and a private company2018 – 2019
Image-based quality controlFunded by LEGO2018 – 2019
In-Depth understanding of accident causation for Vulnerable road usersH2020-MG.3.4-20142015 – 2018
Automated quality control of poultryFunded by Danish Research Council2015 – 2018
Computer vision based quality control in slaughterhousesFunded by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food (GUPD)2015 – 2018
The European Network on Integrating Vision and LanguageEU-TIST-COST action IC13072013 – 2017
Analysing severely affected neuro-patientsFunded by Hammel Neurocenter2017
Patient@homeDanish Reseach Council, DSF/RTI (SPIR)2012 – 2017
Video monitoring of sports activitiesFunded by a private company2016 – 2017
Video-based identification of shipsFunded by Innobooster2016 – 2017
Music motivated movement and learningFunded by Ludvig og Sara Elsass Fond2013 – 2016
WheelScannerFunded by the Danish Road Directorate (Vejdirektoratet)2016
Video monitoring from a small droneFunded by a private company2015 – 2016
Occupancy analysis of sports facilitiesFunded by four Danish municipalities2014 – 2016
Rehab at home – Tele-rehabilitation after strokeDanish Agency for Science, Technology, and Innovation (FTP)2013 – 2016
Making more people readDanish Ministry for Culture and Palaces2013 – 2015
MVaaS (Managed Video as a Service)Højteknologi Fonden (HTF)2012 – 2015
Integrating Biometrics and Forensics for the Digital AgeEU-TIST-COST action IC11062012 – 2015
Visual analysis in traffic & re-identificationFunded by internal PhD funds2012 – 2015
Correlating tracks from different radarsFunded by a private company2014
Automatic analysis of sport arenasFunded by the foundations: Nordea-fonden and Lokale- og Anlægsfonden
2012 – 2014
Correlating tracks from different radarsFunded by a private company2014
Traffic Safety – Safe intersections for cyclistsFunded by Transportministeriet2012 – 2013
Responsive Urban LightingPhD project 
Reflex receptive fields: A new diagnostic method for chronic pain syndromesDanish Agency for Science, Technology, and Innovation (FTP)2009 – 2012
Monitoring sports arenas in Aalborg, Denmark.Funded by Aalborg municipality2011
BigBrotherDanish Agency for Science, Technology, and Innovation, CVMT2007 – 2011
Biometrics for Identity Documents and Smartcards (BIDS)EU-TIST-COST action 21012006 – 2010
Human-Expressive Representations of Motion and Their Evaluation in Sequences (HERMES)FP6 IST-027110 Specific Targeted Research Project2006 – 2009
Gesture controlled audio systems (CONGAS)EU-TIST-COST action 2872004 – 2007
In search for the motion primitives for a communicative human body language (MOPRIM)Danish Research Council project (STVF)2004 – 2007
Augmented Round Table for Architecture and Urban Planning (ARTHUR)EU-IST-RTD project (IST-2000-28559), 6 partners2001 – 2004
Face and Gesture Recognition Working Group (FG-NET)EU-IST Thematic Network (IST-2000-26434), 6 partners2001 – 2004
The Staging of Virtual Inhabited 3-D SpacesDanish Research Council project, 8 partners1998 – 2001