Milestone Research Programme at AAU (MRPA)

Milestone Systems A/S, one of the world-leading producers of Video Management Systems, has entered into an agreement with Aalborg University, Milestone Research Programme at AAU (MRPA), to support research at Visual Analysis and Perception (VAP) lab on computer vision and machine learning.

Under this agreement, which is supported by Research Department of Milestone Systems, either through direct funding or indirectly by submitting collaborative grant applications, Milestone Systems reinforces research activities at VAP/AAU.

MRPA is managed by the following steering committee:

Bjørn Skou Eilertsen,
CTO of Milestone Systems A/S
Chairman of MRPA

Hans Jørgen Andersen,
Head of Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, AAU

Thomas B. Moeslund,
Professor of Computer Vision, AAU
Head of Visual Analysis and Perception (VAP)

Barry Norton,
PhD in Knowledge Representation
Research Director, Milestone Systems

Kamal Nasrollahi,
Professor of Computer Vision and Machine Learning, AAU
Head of Machine Learning, Milestone Systems
Head of MRPA

Members of MRPA:

Neelu Madan,
PhD Fellow
Topic: Tracking

Anders S. Johansen,
PhD Fellow
Topic: Object Detection

Jacob V. Dueholm,
PhD Fellow
Topic: Anomaly Detection

Andreas Aakerberg,
PhD Fellow
Topic: Super-Resolution

Mia Siemon
PhD Fellow
Topic: Anomaly detection