Long-term Thermal Drift Dataset An outdoor thermal dataset with video data and weather metadata
RELLISUR A Real Low-Light Image Super-Resolution Dataset
Sewer-ML Multi-label defect classification in sewer pipes
3D-ZeF A stereo-based 3D zebrafish multi-object tracking dataset
Person Detection Dataset (PD-T) Diverse outdoor phenomena effects and persons in outdoor soccer filed, captured by thermal cameras.
Visual Rain dataset Rain level estimation from traffic surveillance video.
AAU RainSnow Traffic Surveillance Dataset Instance-level annotations of road users in RGB and thermal video.
The Brackish Dataset Underwater image dataset with bounding box annotations of fish, crabs, and other marine organisms.
Multimodal Intensity Pain (MIntPAIN) An RGBDT video pain database for pain recognition in sequences
LISA Traffic Light Dataset More than 44 minutes of annotated traffic light data captured in San Diego, USA.
VAP Trimodal People Segmentation Dataset RGB-D-T images of people in three indoor scenarios.
RGB-D-T based Face Recognition Images of faces captured with RGB, D and T cameras.
Thermal imaging dataset People doing sports activities recorded by a thermal camera.
Thermal soccer dataset Eight people playing soccer, captured by three thermal cameras.