Stereo Thermal Dataset

Dataset description:
The dataset contains three 5-minutes video sequences from two synchronized thermal cameras. The video is captured by two cameras of type AXIS Q1922-E with a resolution of 640*480 pixels and 30 fps. The baseline between the cameras is 0.7 meters and the cameras were mounted 4 meters above ground.

The data is captured at a public event at the harbour front in Aalborg, Denmark on August 3 2015. The weather was windy and sunny, approx. 20 degrees Celcius.

The zip-file for download includes the video and a calibration file.

Kristoffersen, M.S.; Dueholm, J.V.; Gade, R.; Moeslund, T.B. Pedestrian Counting with Occlusion Handling Using Stereo Thermal Cameras. Sensors 2016, 16, 62.