Real-World Surveillance (RWS): Applications and Challenges, 2nd Workshop
Monday October 24, 2022
Location: Nomi

09:00-09:05: Opening (Shmuel Peleg)

09:05-09:35: invited talk 1 (Hua Zhang, Identity-Preserving Face Anonymization via Adaptively Facial Attributes Obfuscation, Chinese Academy of Science, China)

09:35-10:05: invited talk 2 (Serena Yeung, Bias and Privacy Considerations for Computer Vision in Healthcare Applications, Stanford University, USA)

10:05-10:20: Strengthening Skeletal Action Recognizers via Leveraging Temporal Patterns

10:20-10:35: Which Expert Knows Best? Modulating Soft Learning with Online Batch Confidence for Domain Adaptive Person Re-Identification

10:35-10:50: Cross-Modality Attention and Multimodal Fusion Transformer for Pedestrian Detection

10:50-11:15 break

11:15-11:30: See Finer, See More: Implicit Modality Alignment for Text-based Person Retrieval

11:30-11:45: Look at Adjacent Frames: Video Anomaly Detection without Offline Training

11:45-12:00: SOMPT22: A Surveillance Oriented Multi-Pedestrian Tracking Dataset

12.00-12:15: Detection of Fights in Videos: A Comparison Study of Anomaly Detection and Action Recognition

12:15-13:15 lunch

13:15-13:30: Privacy-Preserving Person Detection Using Low-Resolution Infrared Cameras

13:30-13:45: Gait Recognition from Occluded Sequences in Surveillance Sites

13:45-14:15: invited talk 3 (Olga Russakovsky, Fairness in Visual Recognition, Princeton University, USA)

14:15-14:45: invited talk 4 (Arun Ross, Enhancing Face Privacy Using Semi-Adversarial Neural Networks, Michigan State University, USA)

14:45-15:00 break

15:00-15:15: Visible-Infrared Person Re-Identification via Learning Under Privileged Information

15:15-15:30: Video in 10 Bits: Few-Bit VideoQA for Efficiency and Privacy

15:30-16:00: invited talk 5 (Kate Saenko, Feature and Concept Drift in Computer Vision, Boston University, USA)

16:00-16:30: invited talk 6 (Matthew Turk, Perspectives on Bias, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago, USA)

16:30-16:45: ChaLearn LAP Seasons in Drift Challenge: dataset, design and results (challenge summary)

16:45-16:50: Best paper award sponsor by Milestone Systems and closing (Shmuel Peleg)

Best Paper Award

The organizing committee of the workshop has chosen the following paper to receive the best paper award:

Cross-Modality Attention and Multimodal Fusion Transformer for Pedestrian Detection. Wei-Yu Lee, Ljubomir Jovanov, Wilfried Philips