10th International Workshop on Computer Vision in Sports (CVsports) at CVPR 2024

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Best paper award

Congratulations to the winner of the best paper award sponsored by Sphaera:

Hierarchical NeuroSymbolic Approach for Action Quality Assessment. Lauren Okamoto and Paritosh Parmar.


June 18, Seattle Convention Center. Room: Arch 3A.

It is possible for registered CVPR attendees to follow the workshop online: https://cvpr.thecvf.com/virtual/2024/workshop/23687.

8.30-8.45Welcome to CVsports 2024Silvio Giancola, Anthony Cioppa
8.45-9.00CVsports 10th anniversaryRikke Gade. Slides
9.00-9.30Invited talkMehrsan Javan (Sportlogiq): Scalable AI Solutions for Downmarket Leagues and Challenges in Youth Sports
9.30-9.45Oral paper presentationHierarchical NeuroSymbolic Approach for Action Quality Assessment
9.45-10.00Oral paper presentationVideo Interaction Recognition using an Attention Augmented Relational Network and Skeleton Data
10.00-10.45Coffee break
10.45-11.15Invited talkDavide Zambrano (Sportradar): From Data to Dunk: Unleashing the Power of Metrics in Sports Analytics
11.15-11.30Oral paper presentationEvent-based Ball Spin Estimation in Sports
11.30-11.45Oral paper presentationX-VARS: Introducing Explainability in Football Refereeing with Multi-Modal Large Language Models
11.45-12.00Oral paper presentationPitcherNet: Powering the Moneyball Evolution in Baseball Video Analytics
12.00-13.30Lunch break
13.30-14.00Invited talkMirko Messori (Sphaera): Sphaera ground-truth cloud-based infrastructure: the Kings League use case
14.00-14.45Poster spotlightsSee list of posters below. 2 minutes per paper.
14.45-16.45Poster session incl. coffee breakSee list of posters below. Oral papers are also invited to bring posters.
16.45-17.00SoccerNet results presentationSilvio Giancola, Anthony Cioppa
17.00-17.15Best paper awardSponsored by Sphaera
17.15End of workshop
18.00-Social event Sponsored by Sportlogiq

Accepted papers:

Find the open access version of all papers here: https://openaccess.thecvf.com/CVPR2024_workshops/CVsports

Oral presentations: 

  • Hierarchical NeuroSymbolic Approach for Action Quality Assessment. Lauren Okamoto (Princeton University); Paritosh Parmar (Agency for Science, Technology and Research) [poster board #100]
  • Video Interaction Recognition using an Attention Augmented Relational Network and Skeleton Data. Farzaneh Askari (University of McGill); Cyril Yared (McGill University); Rohit Ramaprasad (UC San Diego); Devin Garg (UC San Diego); Anjun Hu (University of Oxford); James J. Clark (McGill University) [poster board #101]
  • X-VARS: Introducing Explainability in Football Refereeing with Multi-Modal Large Language Models. Jan Held (University of Liege); Hani Itani (KAUST); Anthony Cioppa (University of Liège (ULiège)); Silvio Giancola (KAUST); Bernard Ghanem (KAUST); Marc Van Droogenbroeck (University of Liege) [poster board #102]
  • Event-based Ball Spin Estimation in Sports. Takuya Nakabayashi (Keio University); Kyota Higa (NEC Corporation); Masahiro Yamaguchi (NEC Corporation); Ryo Fujiwara (NEC Corporation); Hideo Saito (Keio University) [poster board #103]
  • PitcherNet: Powering the Moneyball Evolution in Baseball Video Analytics. Jerrin Bright (University of Waterloo); Bavesh Balaji (University of Waterloo); Yuhao Chen (University of Waterloo); David A Clausi (University of Waterloo); John Zelek (University of Waterloo) [poster board #104]

Poster presentations:

  • FineRehab: A Multi-modality and Multi-task Dataset for Rehabilitation Analysis. Jianwei Li (Beijing Sport University); Jun Xue (Beijing Sport University); Rui Cao (Beijing Sport University ); Xiaoxia Du (China Rehabilitation Research Center); Siyu Mo (Beijing Sports University ); Kehao Ran (Beijing Sport University); Zeyan Zhang (China Rehabilitation Research Center) [Online poster]
  • Augmenting Pass Prediction via Imitation Learning in Soccer Simulations. Takeshi Kaneko (Tokyo Institute of Technology ); Rei Kawakami (Tokyo Institute of Technology); Takeshi Naemura (The University of Tokyo); Nakamasa Inoue (Tokyo Institute of Technology) [poster board #106]
  • AutoSoccerPose: Automated 3D posture Analysis of Soccer Shot Movements. Calvin C. K. Yeung (Nagoya University); Kenjiro Ide (Nagoya University); Keisuke Fujii (Nagoya University / RIKEN) [poster board #107]
  • A General Framework for Jersey Number Recognition in Sports Video. Maria Koshkina (York University); James Elder (York University) [poster board #108]
  • MV-Soccer: Motion-Vector Augmented Instance Segmentation for Soccer Player Tracking. Fahad Majeed (Hamad Bin Khalifa University); Nauman Ullah Gilal (Hamad Bin Khalifa University); Khaled A Al-Thelaya (Hamad Bin Khalifa University); Yin Yang (Hamad bin Khalifa University); Marco Agus (HBKU); Jens Schneider (HBKU) [poster board #109]
  • Rugby Scene Classification Enhanced by Vision Language Model. Naoki Nonaka (RIKEN); Ryo Fujihira (RIKEN); Toshiki Koshiba (RIKEN); Akira Maeda (Hakata Knee & Sports Clinic); Jun Seita (RIKEN) [poster board #110]
  • SoccerNet-Depth: a Scalable Dataset for Monocular Depth Estimation in Sports Videos. Arnaud Leduc (University of Liège); Anthony Cioppa (University of Liège (ULiège)); Silvio Giancola (KAUST); Bernard Ghanem (KAUST); Marc Van Droogenbroeck (University of Liege) [poster board #111]
  • SoccerNet Game State Reconstruction: End-to-End Athlete Tracking and Identification on a Minimap. Vladimir Somers (UCLouvain; EPFL; Sportradar); Victor Joos (UCLouvain); Silvio Giancola (KAUST); Anthony Cioppa (University of Liège (ULiège)); Seyed Abolfazl Ghasemzadeh (UCLouvain); Floriane Magera (EVS Broadcast Equipment); Baptiste Standaert (UCLouvain); AmirMohammad Mansourian (Sharif University of Technology); Xin Zhou (Baidu USA); Shohreh Kasaei (Sharif University of Technology); Bernard Ghanem (KAUST); Alexandre Alahi (EPFL); Marc Van Droogenbroeck (University of Liege); Christophe De Vleeschouwer (Université Catholique de Louvain) [poster board #112]
  • Multi-Modal Hit Detection and Positional Analysis in Padel Competitions. Robbe Decorte (IDLab, UGent-imec); Martin Paré (IDLab); Jelle Vanhaeverbeke (IDLab, UGent-imec); Joachim Taelman (IDLab, UGent-imec); Maarten Slembrouck (IDLab, UGent-imec); Steven Verstockt (IDLab, UGent-imec) [poster board #113]
  • Pseudo-label based unsupervised fine-tuning of a monocular 3D pose estimation model for sports motions. Tomohiro Suzuki (Nagoya University); Ryota Tanaka (Nagoya University); Kazuya Takeda (Nagoya University); Keisuke Fujii (Nagoya University / RIKEN) [poster board #114]
  • No Bells, Just Whistles: Sports Field Registration by Leveraging Geometric Properties. Marc Gutiérrez (Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial, CSIC-UPC)*; Antonio Agudo (Institut de Robotica i Informatica Industrial, CSIC-UPC) [poster board #115]
  • A universal protocol to benchmark camera calibration for sports. Floriane Magera (EVS Broadcast Equipment); Thomas Hoyoux (EVS Broadcast Equipment); Olivier Barnich (EVS Broadcast Equipment); Marc Van Droogenbroeck (University of Liege) [poster board #116]
  • Table tennis spin estimation with an event camera. Thomas Gossard (Cognitive systems – University Tuebingen); Julian Krismer (University of Tuebingen); Andreas Ziegler (Cognitive systems – University Tuebingen); Jonas Tebbe (University of Tuebingen); Andreas Zell (University of Tuebingen) [poster board #117]
  • TeamTrack: A Dataset for Multi-Sport Multi-Object Tracking in Full-pitch Videos. Atom Scott (Nagoya University); Ikuma Uchida (University of Tsukuba); Ning Ding (Nagoya University); Rory Bunker (Nagoya University); Ren Kobayashi (Nagoya University); Takeshi Koyama (Tokai university); Masaki Onishi (AIST); Yoshinari Kameda (University of Tsukuba); Keisuke Fujii (Nagoya University / RIKEN) [poster board #118]
  • A stroke of genius: Predicting the next move in badminton. Magnus A Ibh (IT university of Copenhagen); Stella Graßhof (IT University of Copenhagen); Dan Witzner (IT University of Copenhagen) [poster board #119]
  • Beyond the Premier: Assessing Action Spotting Transfer Capability Across Diverse Domains. Bruno Cabado (Universidade da Coruña); Anthony Cioppa (University of Liège (ULiège)); Silvio Giancola (KAUST); Andrés Villa (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)); Bertha Guijarro-Berdiñas (University of A Coruña); Emilio J. Padrón (Universidade da Coruña); Bernard Ghanem (KAUST); Marc Van Droogenbroeck (University of Liege) [poster board #120]
  • Medium Scale Benchmark for Cricket Excited Actions Understanding. Altaf Hussain (Sejong University); Noman Khan (Sejong University); Muhammad Munsif (Sejong University ); Min Je Kim (Sejong University); Sung Wook Baik (Sejong University) [online poster]
  • T-DEED: Temporal-Discriminability Enhancer Encoder-Decoder for Precise Event Spotting in Sports Videos. Artur Xarles (Universitat de Barcelona); Sergio Escalera (Universitat de Barcelona); Thomas B. Moeslund (Aalborg University); Albert Clapés (University of Barcelona) [poster board #122]
  • ExerAIde: AI-assisted Multimodal Diagnosis for Enhanced Sports Performance and Personalised Rehabilitation. Ahmed R Qazi (Tibbling Technologies); Asim Iqbal (Tibbling Technologies) [poster board #123]

Best Paper Award

A best paper award of 1000 USD will be sponsored by Sphaera.


Call for papers

Sports is said to be the social glue of society. It allows people to interact irrespective of their social status, age etc. With the rise of the mass media, a significant quantity of resources has been channeled into sports in order to improve understanding, performance, and presentation. For example, areas like performance assessment, which were previously mainly of interest to coaches and sports scientists are now finding applications in broadcast and other media, driven by the increasing use of on-line sports viewing which provides a way of making all sorts of performance statistics available to viewers. Computer vision has recently started to play an important role in sports as seen in for example football where computer vision-based graphics in real-time enhances different aspects of the game. Computer vision algorithms have a huge potential in many aspects of sports ranging from automatic annotation of broadcast footage, through to better understand of sport injuries, coaching, and enhanced viewing. So far, the use of computer vision in sports has been scattered between different disciplines.
The ambition of this workshop is to bring together practitioners and researchers from different disciplines to share ideas and methods on current and future use of computer vision in sports. To this end we welcome computer vision-based research contributions as well as best-practice contributions focusing on the following (and similar) topics:

• estimation of position and motion of cameras and participants in sports
• tracking people and objects in sports
• activity recognition in sports
• event detection in sports
• spectator monitoring
• annotation and indexing in sports
• graphical effects in sports
• analysis of injuries in sports
• performance assessment in sports
• alternative sensing in sports (beyond the visible spectrum)
• tactics analysis in sports
• automatic narration and captioning in sports
• training assistance in sports
• augmented/virtual reality in sports
• datasets in sports
• bias in sports
• XAI in sports
• ethics & algorithms in sports
• technically supported inclusiveness in sports

Important dates

Submission: March 11 March 18, 2024 (23.59 Pacific Time)

Notification: March 25 April 2 April 4, 2024

Camera ready: April 10 April 13, 2024

Workshop date: June 18, 2024


Paper submission: Link

Author guidelines: Please follow the guidelines from CVPR main conference: Link.

Please note the following: Papers that are not properly anonymized, or do not use the template, or have more than eight pages (excluding references) will be rejected without review.

Competition – SoccerNet

Participate in our 2024 SoccerNet challenges and explore research in sports video analysis!

This year’s tasks include: (1) multi-view foul recognition, (2) ball action spotting, (3) dense video captioning, and (4) game state reconstruction.

Read more about the challenges: https://www.soccer-net.org/challenges/2024

Sponsors: SportRadar and NASK


Thomas Moeslund, Aalborg University, Denmark

Rikke Gade, Aalborg University, Denmark

Graham Thomas, BBC, UK

Adrian Hilton, University of Surrey, UK

Jim Little, University of British Columbia, Canada

Michele Merler, IBM Research, USA

Silvio Giancola, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia

Anthony Cioppa, University of Liège, Belgium

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