At the Visual Analysis of People (VAP) lab, at Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark, there are several PhD and postdoc positions to work on computer vision and AI topics related to camera surveillance. The positions are expected to be focused on one of the topics mentioned below, but related topics could also be of interest:

1. Designing a multimodal platform where different ways of utilizing different computer vision-based sensors, like optical, thermal, and depth sensors for security applications are studied and analyzed. Suggested subtopics include synchronization, complementing sensing and transfer learning across sensor modality.
2. Abnormality detection in a network of multi-modal cameras. Suggested subtopics include tracking, re-id and domain adaptation.
3. Prediction of behavior based on multimodal data. The focus here will be on body pose analysis combined with context domain knowledge, like the information coming from an access control system, combined with deep learning-based analysis of the body motion.
4. Deep learning-based super-resolution of facial images captured by optical, thermal, and depth surveillance cameras.

See more details and apply for the PhD positions here.

See more details and apply for the PostDoc position here.