Members of VAP submitted three papers for the main conference of CVPR 2020 and all of them got accepted!

PhD students Malte Pedersen, Joakim B. Haurum, and Stefan H. Bengtson submitted a 3D multi object tracking paper together with Professor Thomas B. Moeslund titled 3D-ZeF: A 3D Zebrafish Tracking Benchmark Dataset
See the project page for 3D-ZeF here.

Visiting PhD Anthony Cioppa and visiting PostDoc Adrien Deliège submitted a paper about action spotting in soccer videos together with Professor Thomas B. Moeslund and Associate Professor Rikke Gade titled A Context-Aware Loss Function for Action Spotting in Soccer Videos
The article can be found on arXiv here.

PhD student Aske Rasch Lejbølle submitted a person re-identification paper together with researchers from the Vision Computing Group of University of California titled Camera On-boarding for Person Re-identification using Hypothesis Transfer Learning
The article has not yet been published.