Student projects

Current PhD projects

Natasha Lee Sørensen Artificial Intelligence in General Practice
Mia Siemon Unsupervised Context-Aware Learning, Reasoning and Visualization of Incidents (RAVI)
Simon Buus Jensen Deep Learning and Computer Vision for Business Optimization of Danish SMEs
Neelu Madan Milestone Research Programme @ AAU: Tracking
Jacob Velling Dueholm Milestone Research Programme @ AAU: Anomaly Detection
Anders Skaarup Johansen Milestone Research Programme @ AAU: Object Detection
Andreas Aakerberg Reveal More Details: Spatiotemporal RGB-D-T Super-Resolution of Facial Images
Malte Pedersen Marine Analytics Using Computer Vision
Marike Koch van den Broek Proactive Human-Robot Interaction (4×4 PhD)
Jinsong Liu Thermal Adaptive Architecture
Bolette Dybkjær Hansen Machine learning for value creation in the utility sector (Industrial PhD with Envidan)
Joakim Bruslund Haurum Autonomous Sewer Inspection Robot
Kasper Skou Ladefoged Reflective Reconstruction and Estimation
Stefan Hein Bengtson Computer Vision for Robotic Welfare Technology
Noor Ul Huda Computer Vision in Sports
Anne Juhler Hansen Aesthetic Quality Control

Past PhD projects

Christoffer Bøgelund Rasmussen Automatic Harvest Quality Monitoring (Industrial PhD with CLAAS E-Systems)
Chaudhary Muhammad Aqdus Ilyas Computer Vision Techniques for Social Robot Interaction for the Citizens with Traumatic Brain Injury
Ivan Adriyanov Nikolov Wind Turbine Blade Leading Edge Roughness Inspection
Jeppe Veirum Larsen Musical Motivated Movement
Aske Rasch Lejbølle Queue estimation by vision-based re-identification, 2020.
Mark Philip Philipsen Applications of Vision and Robotics in Meat Production, 2020.
Morten Bornø Jensen Automatic Analysis of Vulnerable Road Users using Multi-Modal and View Traffic Data, 2019. Link
Chris Bahnsen Robust and Multi-Modal Analysis of Traffic and People, 2019. Link
Anders Jørgensen Automatic veterinary inspection of chicken (Industrial PhD with IHFood), 2018. Link
Ramin Irani Computer Vision Based Methods for Detection and Measurement of Psychophysiological Indicators, 2017. Link
Mohammad Ahsanul Haque Signal Processing Methods for Automatic In-Home Medical Diagnosis and Monitoring, 2016. Link
Rasmus Skovgaard Andersen Human-Assisted Computer Vision Methods for Industrial Mobile Robots, 2016. Link
Huamin Ren Computer Vision Methods for Abnormality Detection in Video Data, 2016
Andreas Møgelmose Computer Vision Methods for Detection and Re-identification of People, 2015. Link
Martin Sandau Christiansen Markerless Motion Capture, 2015
Rikke Gade Taking the temperature of sports arenas – Automatic analysis of people, 2015. Link
Michael B. Holte Vision-Based 2D and 3D Human Activity Recognition, 2012. Link
(Best Nordic PhD Thesis Award in Field of Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition 2011-2012)
Preben Fihl Automatic Video-based Analysis of Human Motion, 2011. Link
Kamal Nasrollahi A Computer Vision Story on Video Sequences: From Face Detection to Face Super- Resolution using Face Quality Assessment, 2011. Link

Master theses